1993 IEEE Workshop on Charge-Coupled Devices and Advanced Image Sensors

June 9-11, 1993, Waterloo, Canada





Chairmen      E. R. Fossum and S. G. Chamberlain

A High Packing Density Pixel With Punchthrough Read-out Method for an HDTV Interline-CCD

  1. Ozaki, H. Ono, H. Tanaka, ASato, M. Nakai Central Research Laboratory, Hitachi Limited

Deposited Multi-Spectral Filter Stripes on Transparent Tin Oxide Gate CCD Imaging Arrays

  1. Frias, L. Colquitt, A. Santos, R. Tacka, T. Turley Westinghouse Electnc Corp., J. Aguilera, R. Shimshock, Deposition Sciences Inc

UV Response Stability of Back Side Illumination CCDs

  1. Muramatsu, N. Suyama, K Yamamoto Solid State Division, 5th Res. & Dev. Group, Hamamatsu Photonics

Development of a Back Thinned CCD for the Medium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer

M.A Cutter, Sira Limited, P. Pool, EEV Ltd, D. Burt, Hirst Research Centre

Issues in the Design of Systems Incorporating Electron Bombarded CCDs

A Reinheimer CCD Product Group, Tektronix Inc.,



Chairmen      N. Teranishi and W. Washkurak

A Floating Gate Wide Dynamic Range Photodetector

B.D. Washkurak, S.G. Chamberlain DALSA Inc

The Effects of Potential Wells on Charge Transfer in Image Sensors

J.P. Lavine, E.K. Banghart, C.V. Stancampiano, E.G. Stevens,

D.N. Nichols, B.C. Burkey Microelectronics Tech., Eastman Kodak Co.

Simulation and Verification of Proton-Induced Transient Responses in Bilinear CCD Imaging Arrays ….

T.S. Lomheim, W.F. Woodward, T.E. Dutton, RM. Shima, C.J. Choy, L.W. Schumann, L.S. Kalman, R.A Keller, The Aerospace Corporation, Sensor Systems Subdivision, D-L. Seeley, D.R. Debs Loral-Falrchild Imaging Sensors,

Frame-Transfer CCD’s with All-Gates Pinning: Device Modelling and Dark Current Evaluation

J.T. Boslers, E. Roks, H.L. Peek, AC. Klelmann, A. G. van der Sljde, Opmeer, M.L. Horemans Philips Imaging Technology, Philips Research Laboratories

VOD Photo Response Analysis in CCD Image Sensor

  1. Kawai, M. Morimoto, N. Mutoh, N. Teranishi
    NEC Corporation, Sensor Research Laboratory

A Noise Model for a Charge-Coupled Device Pixel

  1. McGrath Polaroid Corporation

Transient Analysis of Signal Charge Transfer in Long Diffused Regions of Spectroscopic Image Sensors

David AB. Dobson, S.G. Chamberlain DALSA Inc

A One Dimensional BCCD Model

B.D. Washkurak, S.G. Chamberlain OALSA Inc

Very Sensitive UV pick-up tube Using Avalanche Multiplication in an Amorphous Selenium Target

  1. Kubota, J. Yamazaki, M. Kosugi, K.Tanioka, NHK Science & Technical Research Lab, T. Hirai, Central Research Lab., Hitachi Ltd

5040 x 5040 Multi-Tap Image Sensor for High Frame Rate Applications

  1. Farrier, S.R Kamasz, F. Ma, W.D. Washkurak, S.G. Chamberlain. .P.T. ;]enklns DALSA lnc

A Progress Report on the Design of a Data Push Architecture for a Pixel Array of Optimized Time Tagging Pixels

  1. Shapiro, D. Cords, Stanford Unear Accelerator Center, Stanford U. S. Mani, UC Davies,E.L. Atlas, Adept lC Design

A Reset-Noise Free High-Speed Read-out Mode for a Floating-D!ffusion Detector with Resistive Feedback

  1. Centen BroadcastTelevision Systems

2-D Modeling of CCDs

  1. Pinter Loral-Fairchlld Imaging Sensors

Design of a CMOS/CCD High Speed Memory for use in Parallel/Pipelined Sampled-Analog Signal Processing

  1. Strombosky, D. McClure, K. Donahue, R Whiting MIT Lincoln Lab,W. Washkurak, S. Agwani DALSA lnc

A Fast Overall Reset Multi-tap Unear Image Sensor

D.N. PrInce, W.D. Washkurak, S.G. Chamberlain, C.R Smith DALSA lnc.

Photocurrent Multiplication in a SiH Photoconversion Layer

  1. Sawada, J. Yamazaki*·, T. Ando Research Institute of Electronics, Shlzuoka University ·*NHK SCience & Technical

3000 Pixel InGaAs Linear Arrays Around the Earth

X Hugon Thomson-CSF Semiconducteurs Specifiques

A Fast Framing 5I2(H) x 512(V) CCD Image Sensor

Steve Strunk, Pao Chen, Hsln Fu Tseng EG&G Reticon, Sunnyvale, CA

Temperature Dependence of Radiation Induced Noise Characteristics in CCDs

Richard Murowlnski, Jamal Deen, Gao Linzhuang




Chairmen      A. J. P. Theuwlssen and T. Ando

Active Pixel Sensors vs. CCDs

E.R Fossum Jet Propulsion Laboratory

CMD Image Sensor -a new approach to a future smart imager

  1. Nakamura. K. Matsumoto SemicondutorTech. Center, Olympus Optical Center, J. Nakamura, Technology Dev. Center, Olympus Corp.

Recent Performance Improvements in BCMD Image Sensors

  1. Hynecek .Texas Instruments

An Active Silicon Pixel Detector for High Intensity experiments

Campbell CERN, CH-1211. Geneve 23. Geneva, Switzerland

A Smart Pixel Array for High Luminosity Particle Detection Experiments at the Superconducting SuperCollider

  1. Beuville, F. Forti, O. MIIgrome, J. Mlllaud. D. Nygren, M. Wright Lawrence Berkeley Lab

Spatial Resolution Measurements Using a Pixel DetectorTelescope at FNAL

  1. Cords, S. Shaptro, Stanford Ltnear Accelerator Center, Stanford U

J.G. Jernigan, J. Arens, D. Vezle. Space Sciences Lab., UC Berkeley, CA

  1. Lynch, Lawrence Berkeley Lab.• UC Berkeley. CA
  2. Colitns, Hughes Atrcraft Co.. Carlsbad. CA
  3. Kilder, Fenni National Accelerator, Batavia, IL
  4. Skublc. University of Oklahoma. Norman. Oklahoma


Chairmen      L. Yao and M. Farrier 

CCD Imagers for Soft X-ray Astronomy

B.E. Burke Lincoln Laboratory. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

A 2048 x 2048 3 Side Buttable CCD Focal Plane Array

JA Cortiula and V. Nguyen Thomson-CSF Semlconducteurs Specifiques,

Self-Analysis of CCD Image Sensors Using Dark Current Spectroscopy

W.E. McColgin, J.P. Lavine, C.V. Stancampiano, J. Kyan, D.N. Nichols Eastman Kodak Company

Characterization of High-Resolution 1D-CCD Imagers

H-S.P. Wong, Y.L. Yao, F.P. Giordano IBM, Thomas J. Watson Research Center

The CCD-Addressed Liquid Crystal Light Valve

  1. Efron, W.R Byles, N.W. Goodwin, K. Sayyah, A Au, S. Wu Hughes Research Laboratories



Chairmen      J. Boslers and D. Dobson 

On-Chip A/D Converters for Image Sensors

  1. Mendis. R Nixon. E. Olsen. B. Pain. E. Fossum Columbia University. and Jet Propulsion Laboratory

1 GHz Multiple Output 128 x 256 Element Area Array

B.D. Washkurak. S.G. Chamberlain DALSA Inc.,

Analysis and Results of a Random Access Charge Injection Device

  1. Zamowski. M. Pace. J. Carbone. E.S. Eid, CID Technologies Inc

Investigating the Uniphase Operation of a GaAs Resistive Gate ChargeCoupled Device Using TIme Domain Techniques

  1. LeNoble. J.V. Cresswell TRIUMF Canada