1995 IEEE Workshop on Charge-Coupled Devices

April 20-22, 1995, Dana Point, California, USA



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Title, Author, in Tech. Program, 1995 IEEE Workshop on CCDs and Advanced Image Sensors, April 20-22 1995, Dana Point, California, USA

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8:30 am           Opening Remarks

T. Cole (JPL Chief Technologist)

E.R. Fossum (Chairman)

J. Nakamura (Technical Program Chairman)


Session 1.       Small and Mid Sized CCDs
Chairmen        A. Theuwissen and T. Kuroda

8:45                 A Low-Noise, Highly-Sensitive, 1″, 2.2 Mpixel FT-CCD Imager for High Definition Applications, E. Roks, A. J. Theuwissen, H. L. Peek, M. 1. van de Steeg, P. G. Centen,J. T. Bosiers, D. W. Verbugt, and E. A. de Koning, Philips Imaging Technology, The Netherlands

9:30                 1/4 Inch NTSC Format Hyper-D range IL-CCD H. Komobuchi, A. Fukumoto, T. Yamada, Y. Matsuda*, and T. Kuroda*  Central Research Laboratory, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., Japan   * Kyoto Research Laboratory, Matsushita Electronics Corporation, Japan

10:30               A Modular, High Performance, 2um CCD-BiCMOS Process Technology andLinear CCD Sensor with On-Chip Electronics R. M. Guidash, P. P. K. Lee, 1. M. Andrus, A. S. Ciccarelli, H. J. Erhardt,. J. R. Fischer, E. J. MeisenzahI, R. H.Philbrick, T. J. Kenney, and R. Kannegundla Microelectronics Technology Division, Eastman Kodak Company

11:00               Design Options for 1/4″-FT-CCD pixels, J. T. Bosiers, E. Roles, H. L. Peek, Y. A Boersma, J. M. van der Heyden,  Philips Imaging Technology, The Netherlands

11:30               A 1/3-inch 330k Square-Pixel Progressive-Scan IT-CCD T. Yamaguchi, T. Okutani, K. Mitsui, M. Takagi, K. Takeda, Y. Sone, T. Imanishi, and Y. Hiroshima, Picture Component Division, Matsushita Electronics Corporation



Session 2.       Large Area CCDs
Chairman        S. G. Chamberlain

1:30 pm           Back-Illuminated Wafer-Scale CCD Imager B. E. Burke, J. A Gregory, R W. Mountain, B. B. Kosicki, H. C. Clark,P. J. Daniels, V. S. Dolat, T. L. Lind, A H. Loomis, and D. J. Young, Lincoln Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2:00                 Large Area High Resolution CCD Imaging Devices R Bredthauer, P. Vu, R Potter, B. Mathews  Loral Fairchild Imaging Sensors,  Loral Fairchild Systems

3:00                 Mega Pixel CCD Image Sensor Technology S. G. Chamberlain, S. R. Kamasz, C. R. Smith, and W. D. Washkurak, DALSA Inc., Canada

3:30                 Some Early Imaging Results with a 4096×4096-Element X-Ray Image Sensor,  R Dyck, S. Onishi, D. Wen, Y. Abedini, D. Xiao, A. Sayed, M. Sayag, and A. Karellas·Loral Fairchild Imaging Sensors,  University of Mass. Medical Center



Session 3.       Poster Session 
Chairman        N. Teranishi

4:15                 A Switched CCD Electrode Programmable Photodetector B. Washkurak and S. Chamberlain DALSA Inc., Canada

4:20                 A New AnalyticalMTFModel and its Applications E. G. Stevens, J. P. Lavine, H. J. Erhardt, and R. H. Philbrick, Microelectronics Technology Division, Eastman Kodak Company

4:25                 Optimum Design for a 2-Phase CCD Y. Kawakami, T. Yamada, N. Mutoh, K. Orihara, and N. Teranishi Microelectronics Research Laboratories, NEC Corporation, Japan

4:30                 2-D Modeling of Charge Coupled Devices: Optimum Design and Operation for Maximum Charge Handling Capability J. Pinter, 1. Bishop, J. Janesick*, and T. ElIiott* Loral Fairchild Imaging Sensors, *Jet Propulsion Laboratory

4:35                 Simulation for 3-Dimensional Optical and Electrical Analysis of CCD H. Mutoh Link Research Corporation, Japan

4:40                 3-Dimensional Numerical Analysis of Deep Depletion Charge-Coupled Devices M. H. Kim, J. Fothergill, and A. Holland* Department of Engineering, University of Leicester, UK  Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Leicester, UK

4:45                 Simulation ofHigh Density CCD Imager Structures G. Yang, C. Ye, and W. F. Kosonocky, Electronic Imaging Center, New Jersey Institute of Technology

4:50                 A Mega-Pixel Resolution Digital Still Camera W-H. Chan, C-F. Chou, and N-Y. Hu Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan, ROC

4:55                 A Real-Time Digital Signal Processor for Use with the Interline Transfer Color CCD Imager S-S. Wang, C-H. Wu, and N-Y. Hu Image Processing Department, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan, ROC

5:00                 Near-Infrared Imaging Applications with InGaAs G. H. Olsen, M. J. Cohen, M. 1. Lange, S. R Forrest*, D. S. Kim*, Y. Soo*, W. F. Kosonocky** Sensors Unlimited, * Princeton University, **New Jersey Institute of Technology

5:05                 Source-Follower-Type Image Sensor Driven From Back Electrodes H. Shiraki NEC Corporation, Japan

5:10                 An Active Pixel Sensor Fabricated Using CMOS/CCD Process Technology P. P. K. Lee, R C. Gee*, R M. Guidash, T-H. Lee, and E. R-Fossum* Microelectronics Technology Division, Eastman Kodak Company * Jet Propulsion Laboratory

5:15                 A CMOS Active Pixel Image Sensor with Amplification and Reduced Fixed Pattern Noise Z. Zhou, S. E. Kemeny, B. Pain, R C. Gee and E. R Fossum Jet Propulsion Laboratory

5:20                 CMOS Active Pixel Sensor Array with Programmable Multiresolution Readout S. Kemeny, B. Pain, R Panicacci, L. Matthies, and E. Fossum Jet Propulsion Laboratory

5:25                 On-Chip Current-Mode Focal Plane Signal Processing for a CMD Image Sensor J. Nakamura, B. Pain*, and T. Nomoto** Olympus America Inc. • Jet Propulsion Laboratory **Olympus Optical Co., Ltd., Japan




Session 4.       Smart Sensors
Chairman        T. H. Lee

8:15 am           On Sensor Video Compression K. Aizawa, H. Ohno, Y. Egi, T. Hamamoto, M. Hatori, and J. Yamazaki* University of Tokyo, Dept. of Elec. Eng., * NHK, Sci. and Tech. Res. Labs, Japan

8:45                 New Massively Parallel Technique for Global Operations in Embedded Imagers V. Brajovic and T. Kanade The Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University

9:15                 A Road-Follawing Computational-Sensor Prototype A. Gruss Computer Science Department, Carnegie Mellon University

9:45                 Integration-Time Based Computational Image Sensors R. Miyagawa and T. Kanade The Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University



Session 5.       Active Pixel Sensors
Chairmen        J. Hynecek and W. F. Kosonocky

10:45               A CMD Image Sensor -An Approach to High-Resolution Imaging    T. Nakamura, K. Matsumoto, and T. Nomoto Olympus Optical Co., Ltd., Japan

11:15               Active Pixel CMOS Image Sensor with On-Chip Non-Uniformity Correction N. Ricquier and B. Dierickx IMEC, Belgium

1:15 pm           Application Specific Image Sensors A. Dickinson AT&T Bell Laboratories

1:45                 CMOS FPA with Multiplexed Pixel Level ADC B. Fowler, A. E. Gamal, and D. Yang Information Systems Laboratory, Stanford University

2:15                 CMOS Digital Camera With Parallel Analog-ta-Digital Conversion Architecture A. Dickinson, S. Mendis, D. Inglis, K. Azadet, and E. Fossum* AT&T Bell Laboratories, *Jet Propulsion Laboratory


3:15                 High Speed CMOS Binary Active Pixel Image Sensor R. Panicacci, S. E. Kemeny, P. D. Jones, C. Staller, and E. R. Fossum Jet Propulsion Laboratory

3:45                 Comparison of CCD and CMOS Pixels for a Wide Dynamic Range Area Imager S. Decker and C. G. Sodini Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Massachusetts Institute of Technology

4:15                 Future Prospects for CMOS Active Pixel Image Sensors E. R. Fossum and P. H. S. Wong*  Jet Propulsion Laboratory, *IBM Research Center




Session 7.       Catch-All
Chairmen        Y-J. Yu and G. Weckler

8:00 am           Novel CCD Magnetic Field Sensors G. Haigh and S. Munroe Analog Devices, Inc.

8:30                 Back Thinned CCD’s for Direct Electron Imaging A. Reinheimer, M. Blouke, and G. Williams Scientific Imaging Technologies, Inc.

9:00                 Ultraviolet and Visible Response ofDelta-Doped CCDs S. Nikzad, M. E. Hoenk, P. J. Grunthaner, F. J. Grunthaner, J. R. Janesick, M. Fattahi*, R. Winzenread*, and H-F. Tseng* Jet Propulsion Laboratory, * EG&G Reticon

10:00               Optimization of CCD Output Amplifier for SN Ratio Improvement T. Nakano, N. Mutoh, and N. Teranishi Microelectronics Research Laboratories, NEC Corporation, Japan

10:30               Random Noise and Fixed Pattern Noise in STACK-CCD Imager S. Ohsawa and Y. Matsunaga             ULSI Research Laboratories 3, TOSHIBA Corporation, Japan

11:00               Large Format A-Si:H 2-Dimensional Array as Imaging Devices X. D. Wu, R. A. Street, R. Weisfield, D. Begelsen, W. Jackson, D. Jared, S. Ready, and R. Apte Xerox Palo Alto Research Center