1997 IEEE Workshop on Charge-Coupled Devices

June 5-7, 1997, Bruges, Belgium

Papers should be cited as:

Author, Title, in Proc. 1997 IEEE Workshop on CCDs and Advanced Image Sensors, June 5-7, 1997 Bruges, Belgium.


Title Authors Affiliation
A High Performance 5V-Only l/5-Inch 220k-Pixel CCD Image Sensor T. Watanabe, E. Koyama, K. Yamamoto, E. Akaike, S. Takano, T. Inoue, K. Okada, T. Kawasaki, H. Urabe, H. Adachi, J. Nakai, K. Misawa


Sharp Corporation, Nara,Japan
Low Noise and High Speed Charge Detection in High Resolution CCD Image Sensors J. Hynecek Texas Instruments Inc.,Dallas, TX, USA
Characterization of building block imagers with respect to linear dynamic range H. Folkerts, E. Roks, L. Korthout, A. Theuwissen Philips Imaging Technology,Eindhoven, The Netherlands
CCD-Based Magnetic Field Imaging N. 0, A. Nathan* DALSA INC., Waterloo, ON,Canada.

* University of Waterloo,Waterloo, ON, Canada

A 1/4 Inch 330k Square Pixel Progressive Scan CMOS Active Pixel Image Sensor M. Sasaki, E. Oba, K. Mabuchi, N. Tanaka, Y. Iida, R. Miyagawa ULSI Research Laboratories, Toshiba Corporation,Kawasaki, Japan
An Experimental 4K x 2K Color Video Pickup System Based on CMD Imagers K. Mitani, Y. Fujita, H. Shimamoto NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), Tokyo, Japan
Fast CMOS Imaging with High Dynamic Range J. Huppertz, R. Hauschild, B. Hosticka, T. Kneip, S. Muller*, M. Schwarz Fraunhofer Institut of Microelectronic Circuits and Systems, Duisburg, Germany.

* Gerhard-Mercator-University,Duisburg, Germany

A bipolar imager with bipolar field memory M. Shinohara, S. Sugawa, Y. Nakamura, T. Ohmi* Canon Inc., Kanagawa Japan.

* Tohoku University, Sendai,Japan

A 3.30×2.95 mm2 l/6-inch 250k-pixel IT-CCD image sensor A. Asai, Y. Toumiya, K. Matsuzaki*, K. Nigawara, S. Kitayama*, Y. Wataya, K. Masuda SONY Corporation,Kanagawa, Japan.

* SONY Kokubu Corporation,Kagoshima, Japan

Technology and Performance of VGA FT-Imagers with Double and Single Layer Membrane Poly-Si Gates H. Peek, D. Verbugt, J. Maas, M. Beenhakkers Philips Imaging Technology,Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Design and Processing Aspects of a Sixteen Tap, 32 Sector, 50 Megapixel Full Frame Image Sensor M. Farrier, C. Smith, W. Pfister* DALSA INC., Waterloo, ON,Canada.

* Recon-Optical Inc.,Barrington, IL, USA

A model for the diffusion behaviour of generation centers in CCDs W.J. Toren, J. Bisschop* Philips Imaging Technology,Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

* Philips Semiconductors,Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Near-100% fill factor standard CMOS active pixels B. Dierickx, G. Meynants, D. Scheffer IMEC, Leuven, Belgium
Frame-Transfer CMOS Active Pixel Sensor With Pixel Binning Z. Zhou, B. Pain, E. Fossum* Jet Propulsion Laboratory,Pasadena, CA, USA.

* Photobit, La Crescenta, CA,USA

A novel photoswitch image sensor R. Dyck, J. Pinter, T. Selbo, S. Onishi, D. Xiao, L. Haynes*, H. Brown** Lockheed Martin Fairchild Defense Systems, Milpitas,CA, USA.

* Intelligent Automation, Inc.,Rockville, MD, USA.

** Wright Laboratories, TyndallAFB, FL, USA

Leakage current reduction of large-area silicon microstrip sensors W. Tsay, Y. Chen, L. Laih, J. Hong, A. Chen, W. Lin, y. Chang, S. Hou, J. Tang, C. Chio, S. Chiang, H. Ting National Central University,Taiwan  PAPER NOT PRESENTED
An Image Sensor using Quad Tree for Selective Scanning with Adaptive Resolution   J. Akita, K. Asada University of Tokyo, Tokyo,Japan
Logarithmic-Converting CCD Line Sensor and Its Noise Characteristics K. Takada, S. Miyatake Minolta Co., Ltd., Osaka,Japan
a-Si:H avalanche multiplication p-i-n photodiode films K. Sawada, H. Manabe, T. Ando Shizuoka University,Hamamatsu, Japan
CCD cameras for medical X-ray imaging A. Bruijns, R. Bastiaens, R. Snoeren, H. Reiter* Philips Medical Systems, Best, The Netherlands.

* Philips Research Laboratories, Aachen,Germany

High Responsivity Photodetector on SOI substrate W. Zhang, M. Chan, S. Fung, P. Ko Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, Hong Kong
Optical simulation for image sensors by wave analysis H. Mutoh


Link Research Corporation,Tokyo, Japan
Single Pixel Test Structures for Characterization and Comparative Analysis of CMOS Image Sensors


B. Fowler, D. Yang, H. Min, A. EI Gamal Stanford University, Stanford,CA, USA
3D Optoelectronic Simulations for CCD Imagers


A. Ruckelshausen, R. Tobergte, P. Thyen Fachhochschule Osnabruck,Osnabruck, Germany
Anti-Blooming Optimisation using Simulations and Measurements for a VAB Process


G. Weale, M. Kiik, E. Fox, G. Ingram DALSA INC., Waterloo, ON,Canada
An In-situ Storage Image Sensor (ISIS) with Elongated CCD Storage for a High-speed Video-Camera of One Million pps T. Etoh, K. Takehara Kinki University, Osaka, Japan
Reviews on Digital Still cameras

(Invited Paper)


M. Konishi, K. Iwabe Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd.,Saitama, Japan
Offset-free offset correction for Active Pixel Sensors


B. Dierickx, G. Meynants, D. Scheffer IMEC, Leuven, Belgium
Recent Progress of CMD Imaging


T. Nakamura, K. Saitoh Olympus Optical Co., Ltd.,Nagano, Japan
Wide Intrascene Dynamic Range CMOS APS Using Dual Sampling


O. Yadid-Pecht, E. Fossum* Jet Propulsion Laboratory,Pasadena, CA, USA.
* Photobit, La Crescenta, CA,USA
Driving Voltage Reduction of Shift Registers in IT-CCD Image Sensors


N. Mutoh, S. Kawai, T. Yamada, Y. Kawakami, T. Nakano, K. Orihara,  N. Teranishi NEC Corporation, Kanagawa,Japan
Automated optimisation of FT-CCD Image Pixels


A. Heringa, J. Bosiers*, E. Roks* ED&T Services, Philips Research, Eindhoven, TheNetherlands.
* Philips Imaging Technology,Eindhoven, The Netherlands
A 36 cm2 Large Monolythic pn-CCD Detector for X-ray Astronomy


L. Struder, H. Brauninger, U. Briel, R. Hartmann, G. Hartner, D. Hauff, N. Krause, B. Maier, N. Meidinger, E. Pfeffermann, M. Popp, C. Reppin, R. Richter, D. Satter, J. TrUmper, U. Weber, P. Holl*, J. Kemmer*, H.
Soltau*, A. Viehl*, C. v. Zanthier*
Max-Planck-Institut, Munchen,Germany.
* Ketek GmbH,Oberschleissheim, Germany
A Low Smear p-substrate Frame Interline Transfer Sensor with Simplified kTC Noise Reduction C. Smith, E. Fox, M. Miethig, M. Farrier DALSA INC., Waterloo, ON,Canada
Active Pixel Image Sensors in 0.35 um CMOS Technology S. Mendis, A. Budrys, J. Lin, K. Cham Hewlett Packard, Palo Alto,CA, USA
Pulsed bipolar CMOS imager T. Delbruck, N. Mascarenhas, M. Chi*, A. Bergemont*, C. Mead Synaptics, San Jose, CA,USA.
* National Semiconductor,Santa Clara, CA, USA
Design of an Image Sensor with On-Chip Oversampling Analog-to-Digital Conversion J. Nakamura, T. Nomoto, T. Nakamura, B. Pain*, E. Fossum** Olympus Optical Co., Ltd.,Tokyo, Japan.
*Jet Propulsion Laboratory,Pasadena, CA, USA.
**Photobit, LCC., Pasadena,CA, USA
A Single Chip CMOS APSDigital Camera B. Olson, T. Shaw, B. Pain, R. Paniccaci*, B. Mansoorian*, R. Nixon*, E. Fossum* Jet Propulsion Laboratory,Pasadena, CA, USA.
* Photobit, La Crescenta, CA,USA
A 2V Driving Voltage 1/3-inch 410k-pixel Hyper-D Range CCD T. Yamaguchi, I. Shimizu, K. Henmi, R Tanaka, T. Tanaka, H. Matsumaru, M. Miyashita, I. Ihara, S. Tashiro, M. Yamanaka, Y. Nishi,

K. Tachikawa*, H. Komobuchi**

Matsushita Electronics Corporation, CCD division,Kyoto, Japan.
* Matsushita Electronics Corporation, ULSI Process Techn. Development Center,Kyoto, Japan.
** Matsushita Electric Industrial CO., LTD, Kyoto,Japan.
Development of Back-Illuminated, Fully-Depleted CCD Image Sensors For Use in Astronomy and Astrophysics


S. Holland, R. Stover*, M. Wei*, G. Goldhaber, D. Groom, W. Moses,

C. Pennypacker, S. Perlmutter, N. Wang

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA,USA.

* University of CaliforniaObservatories, Lick Observatory


Recent results with Delta-doped CCDs


S. Nikzad, A. Smith, Q. Yu, P. Grunthaner, S. Elliott Jet Propulsion Laboratory,Pasadena, CA, USA
Non-Linear Output from Image Sensors: Applications, Techniques, and Limitations


E. Fossum Photobit, La Crescenta, CA,USA.
Megapixel CMOS APS with Analog and Digital Readout


B. Mansoorian, G. Yang*, R. Panicacci, C. Wrigley*, C. Staller**, B.
Pain*, E. Fossum
Photobit, La Crescenta, CA,USA.
* Jet Propulsion Laboratory,Pasadena, CA, USA.
** Boeing Defense and Space Group, Anaheim, CA, USA
Motion adaptive image sensor


T. Hamamoto, K. Aizawa, M. Hatori University of Tokyo, Tokyo,Japan
Pixel Parallel and Column Parallel Architectures and their Implementations of On Sensor Image Compression


K. Aizawa, T. Hamamoto, Y. Ohtsuka, M. Hatori, M. Abe* University of Tokyo, Tokyo,Japan.
* NHK, Tokyo, Japan
A Wide Dynamic RangeCMOS Image Sensor


R. Ginosar, A. Gnusin Israel Institute of Technology,Haifa, Israel
Packaging and Operation of Philips 7kx9k CCDs


M. Lesser, D. Ouellette, A. Theuwissen*, G. Kreider*, H. Michaelis** Steward Observatory,University of Arizona, Tucson,USA.
* Philips Imaging Technology,Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
** DLR, Institut fUr Planetenerkundung
A High Resolution, Low Cost CCD Family of Image Sensors for Digital Camera Applications


S. Bencuya, J. Toker, S. Haque Polaroid Corporation,Cambridge, MA, USA
The design of a novel GaAs CCD multiplying D/A converter


H. Kwok, L. Chen University of Victoria, Victoria,BC, Canada
Ultrafast Correlation Image Sensor: Concept, Design, and Applications


S. Ando, T. Nakamura, T. Sakaguchi The University of Tokyo,Tokyo, Japan