2001 IEEE Workshop on Charge-Coupled Devices and
Advanced Image Sensors

Cal-Neva Resort
Lake Tahoe, Nevada USA

June 7-9, 2001


Thursday June 7, 2001

08:30 Opening Remarks Eric Fossum Sayed Eid Jerry Hynecek

Session 01

CMOS Sensors I

Chairman Gary Hughes

09:00 A Micropower Self-Clocked Camera-on-a-Chip
K.B. Cho 1, A. Krymski 2, E.R. Fossum 2
1Photobit Corporation, 2Photobit Technology Corporation. (12)
09:20 A 3.25M-pixel APS-C Size CMOS Image Sensor
S. Inoue 1, K. Sakurai 1, I. Ueno 1, T. Koizumi 1, H. Hiyama 1, T. Asaba 1, S. Sugawa 2, A. Maeda 3, K. Higashitani 3, H. Kato 3, K. Iizuka 4, M. Yamawaki 4
1Canon Inc. Device Development Center, 2Department of Electronic Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University, 3Mitsubishi Electric Corporation ULSI Development center, 4Mitsubishi Electric Corporation LSI Division. (16)
09:40 Dynamically Reconfigurable Vision CMOS IMage Sensor for Real-Time Staring Active Vision Systems
G. Yang, C. Sun, C. Wrigley, D. Stack, C. Kramer, and B. Pain
Center for Space Microelectronic Technology,
JPL, California Institute of Technology. (20)
10:00 Morning Break
10:30 A High-Sensitivity Oversampling Digital Signal Detection Technique for CMOS Image Sensors Using Non-Destructive Intermediate High-Speed Readout Mode Reconfigurable Vision CMOS IMage Sensor for Real-Time Staring Active Vision Systems
S. Kawahito 1, N. Kawai2, and Y. Tadokoro 2
1Research Institute of Electronics, Shizuoka University, 2Toyohashi University of Technology. (24)
10:45 A High Speed, 240 Frames/s 4 Megapixel CMOS Sensor
A. Krymski, N. Bock, D. VanBlerkom, N. Tu, E.R. Fossum
Photobit Technology Corporation. (28)
11:00 A 640 x 480 CMOS Image Sensor for High Speed Image Capture
E.C. Fox, G.R. Allan, B. Li, D. Dattani, S. Kamasz, M.J. Kiik, Q. Tang, A. Pavlov, D. Dykaar, S.G. Ingram
DALSA Corp. (32)
11:15 CMOS Image Sensor with CIF/QCIF Switching Function
K. Hara, K. Simomura, Y. Endo, K. Okui, S. Komori, and K. Kyuma
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation . (36)
11:30 A New Image Sensor with Programmable Spatially Variant Multiresolution Readout Capability
Y. Ohtsuka, I. Ohta, and K. Aizawa
Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Tokyo. (40)
11:45 Lunch

Session 02

CMOS Sensors II & CMOS Sensor Technology I

Chairman Dan McGrath

13:30 2/3” CMOS Imaging Sensor for High Definition Television
M. Loose, L.J. Kozlowski, A.M. Joshi, A. Kononenko, S. Xue,
J. Lin, J. Luo, I. Ovsiannikov, J. Clarke, and T. Paredes
Rockwell Science Center. (44)
13:50 A mega-pixel high speed CMOS imager with sustainable Gigapixel/sec readout rate
S. Lauxtermann1, G. Izrael1, P. Seitz1, H. Bloss2, J. Ernst2,
H. Firla2, S. Gick2
1Philips Semiconductors, 2CSEM. (48)
14:10 A CMOS Image Sensor with Non-Destructive Intermediate Readout Mode for Adaptive Iterative Search Motion Vector Estimation
D. Handoko 1, S.Kawahito 1, Y. Tadokoro 2, and A. Matsuzawa 3
1Shizuoka University, 2Toyohasi University of Technology,
3Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. (52)
14:30 Morning Break
14:45 Fixed Pattern Noise Suppression by a Differential Readout Chain for a Radiation-Tolerant Image Sensor
G. Meynants, J. Bogaerts, B. Dierickx, and D. Uwaerts, FillFactory. (56)
10:45 A CMOS Image Sensor Employing a Double Junction Photodiode
K.M. Findlater 1, D. Renshaw 1, J.E.D. Hurwitz2, R.K. Henderson 2,
T.E.R. Bailey 2, J.M. Raynor 2
1Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering,
The University of Edinburgh, 2ST Microelectronics Imaging Division. (60)
15:00 Afternoon Break
15:30 Small CMOS Pixel Design with Single Row Line
V. Berezin, PhotobitCorporation. (64)
15:45 A Crosstalk Study on CMOS Active Pixel Sensor Arrays for Color Imager Applications
C.C. Wang, C.G. Sodini
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MIT. (68)

Session 03

CMOS & CCD Sensors, Poster Session

Chairman Selim Bencuya

16:00 Poster Session Rules Explanation
16:15 A VGA ISIS for a Video Camera of 1,000,000 fps: A Proposal
T. G. Etoh 1, H. Mutoh 2, C. Lohmann 1, and T. Reisinger 1
1Kinki University, 2Link Research Corporation . (72)
16:20 Resolution Progress of Image Sensor Over Nyquist Rate Using Digital Signal Processing and Optical Low-Pass Filter
T. Kimura, H. Gotoh, M. Anodou, and H. Shiraki
Department of Systems Engineering, Ibaraki University. (76)
16:25 Radiation Hardness Study of an APS CMOS Particle Tracker
W. Dulinski
16:30 Hexagonal Array Processing
M.D. Purcell 1, D. Renshaw 1, K.M. Findlater 1, J.E.D. Hurwitz 2,
S.G. Smith 2, T.E.R. Bailey 2
1 Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering
The University of Edinburgh, 2 ST Microelectronics Imaging Division. (83)
16:35 Dual Mode Active Pixel Sensor with Focal Plane Edge Detection
M. Tabet and R.I. Hornsey
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Waterloo. (87)
16:40 Design and Development of a Compact Gamma Camera for the Detection of Malignant Sentinel Lymph Nodes
D. Lowe, A. Truman, A. Bergman, and H.L. Kwok
Department of ECE, University of Victoria. (91)
16:45 Charge Sharing Modeling in Pixel Detectors with Capacitive Charge Division
J. Marczewski 1, D. Tomaszewski 1, K. Domanski 1, P. Grabiec 1,
M. Caccia 2, S. Borghi 3, and R Campagnolo 3, W. Kucewicz 4
1Institute of Electron Technology, Warsaw,
2Universita ‘dell’Insubria and INFN,
3Universita’degli Studi di Milano and INFN, 4University of Mining and Metallurgy, Krakow. (95)
16:50 Characterization Methodology for Micro-Lens Performance in CMOS Image Sensors
V. Korobov, C. Cork, H. Wolf, S. Fainleib
TOWER Semiconductor LTD. (99)
16:55 Low Dark-Current CCD Register Driven from Back Electrodes Through Barrier
H. Shiraki and T. Kimura
Ibaraki University. (103)
17:00 Improved One-Dimensional Analysis of CMOS Photodiode Including Epitaxial-Substrate Junction
J.S. Lee, R.I. Hornsey
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
University of Waterloo. (106)
17:05 Characterization of Pixel Response Time and Image Lag in CMOS Sensors
S. Ramaswami, S. Agwani, L. Loh, N. Bossemeyeer
Image Capture Operation, Motorola Inc. (110)
17:10 Custom Imager as Wavefront Sensor
D.W. deLima Monteiro, G. Vdovin
ITS/DIMES, Delft University of Technology. (114)
17:15 Short Evening Break
17:30 Discussion Session
Coordinator: Orly Yadid-Pecht
18:30-20:00 Dinner

Session 4

Poster Viewing

Coordinator: Orly Yadid-Pecht

20:00-21:00 All poster paper authors should attend their displays

Friday June 8, 2001

Session 05

CMOS Sensor Technology II

Chairman J.E.D. Hurwitz

08:30 A Four-Transistor Capacitive Feedback Reset Active Pixel and its Reset Noise Reduction Capability
I. Takayanagi, Y. Fukunaga, T. Yoshida, and J. Nakamura
Advanced Technology Research Center, Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. (118)
08:50 Effects of Hydrogen Annealing on 0.25-um CMOS Image Sensor
D.N. Yaung, S.G. Wuu, H.C. Chien, C.H. Tseng, and C.S. Wang
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. (122)
09:10 CMOS Difference Imager with Charge-Leakage Compensation & Sum Output
S. Seshadri, G. Yang, M. Ortiz, C. Wrigley, and B. Pain
Center for Space Microelectronics Technology, JPL,
California Institute of Technology. (125)
09:30 Analysis of APS Readout Circuit Delay
K. Salama and A. El Gamal
Department of Electrical Engineering Stanford University. (129)
09:45 Crosstalk and Sub-Pixel Distribution of Sensitivity in Color CMOS Image Sensor
G. Agranov, V. Berezin, R.H. Tsai
Photobit Corporation. (133)
10:00 Morning Break
10:30 A High Dynamic Range CMOS APS Image Sensor
Y. Wang, S.L. Barna, S. Campbell, and E.R. Fossum
Photobit Technology Corporation. (137)
10:50 A 192 x 124 CMOS Image Sensor with Pixel Parallel Temporal Computing Architecture
S. Yoshimura, T. Sugiyama, K. Yonemoto, K. Ueda
Sony-Kihara Research Center, Inc. (141)
11:10 A 6.6M Pixel CMOS Image Sensor forElectrostatic PCB Inspection
D. Scheffer 1, G. Meynants 1, B. Dierickx 1, T. Fujii 2
1FillFactory, 2OHT Inc. (145)
11:30 Inverted Logarithmic Active Pixel Sensor with Current Readout
C.S. Hong, R.I. Hornsey
Department of Electrical and Computing Engineering,
University of Waterloo. (149)
11:45 kTC Noise Cancellation Pixel
R.B. Merrill, Foveon, Inc. (153)

Session 06

CMOS Sensor Technology III

Chairman Paul K. Lee

13:30 CMOS Active Pixel Sensor with In-Pixel Contrast Stretching
C.S. Hong, R.I. Hornsey
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
University of Waterloo. (157)
13:45 Differential Mode CMOS APS for Optically Programmable Gate Array (OPGA)
S.U. Ay 1,3, S. Barna 2, E.R. Fossum 1
1Photobit Technology Corporation, 2Photobit Corporation
3Department of Electrical Engineering-Electrophysics,
University of Southern California. (161)
14:00 Column Parallel A/D Conversion on CMOS Image Sensor
T. Hamamoto, T. Wakamatsu, N. Inokihara, K. Aizawa
Science University of Tokyo. (165)
14:15 Empirical CMOS APS MTF Modeling
I. Shcherback, O. Yadid-Pecht
Ben-Gurion University. (169)
14:30 CMOS Photodiodes with Substrate Openings for Higher Conversion Gain in Active Pixel Sensors
J.S. Lee, R.I. Hornsey
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
University of Waterloo. (173)
14:45 How to Design CMOS APS for Particle Tracking
G. Deptuch
IReS IN2P3/ULP. (176)

Session 07

Workshop Social Activity

Chairman Sayed Eid

15:00-19:00 Boat Cruise
19:00-20:30 Dinner

Session 08

CMOS Sensor Applications

Chairman Bart Dierickx

08:30 CMOS Sensor for the Detection of Minimum Ionizing Particles
R. Turchetta 1, C. Didcot 2
1 Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, 2 OX11, 0 QX. (180)
08:45 Development of CMOS Image Sensor Overlaid with a HARP Photoconversion Layer
T. Hayashida, M. Yamaguchi, M. Kosugi, T. Watabe, Y. Ishiguro,
K. Moroboshi, H. Ohtake, H. Kokubun, T. Watanabe, K. Tanioka
NHK Science & Technical Research Laboratories. (184)
09:00 A Retina/V1 Simple Cell Chip for Physiology Experiment Design or Classroom Demonstration
T. Delbruck, S. Bovet, E. Chicca, S.C. Liu, G.M. Ricci
Institute for Neuroinformatics (INI). (188)

Saturday June 9, 2001

Session 09

Walter Kosonocky Award

Chairman: Albert Theuwissen

08:30 Walter Kosonocky Award Paper Presentation (192)

Session 10

CCD Image Sensors and Other Imaging Devices
Chairman: Gareth Ingram

09:00 A Color Image Sensor with 9um Pixels for High-End Digital Still Photography
C. Draijer, G. Kreider, B. Dillen, W. Klaassens, H. Peek, A. Theuwissen
Philips Semiconductors Image Sensors. (193)
09:20 Impactron-A New Solid State Image Intensifier
J. Hynecek, ISETEX, Inc. (197)
09:40 3.4M Pixel TDI Image Sensor for Confocal Scanning Microscopy
I. Itoi, Y. Miura, S. Okamura, S. Kashima, H. Shibuya
Texas Instruments Japan Ltd. (201)
09:55 The Perfect Imager for Digital Still Cameras
J. Bosiers, E. Roks
Philips Semiconductors Image Sensors. (205)
10:10 Enhanced Full Well for Vertical Antiblooming, High Sensitivity Time-Delay and Integration (TDI) CCDs with GHz Data Rates
S.R. Kamasz, S.P. Singh, S.G. Ingram, M.J. Kiik, Q. Tang, B. Benwell
DALSA, Inc. (209)
10:25 Morning Break
10:45 Dual Linescan Architecture for High Responsivity and Low Photon Shot Noise
Nixon O and Jonathan Huras
DALSA, Inc. (213)
11:00 Ultra-High-Sensitivity New Super-HARP Pickup Tube
K. Tanioka 1, Y. Ohkawa 1, K. Miyakawa 1, S. Suzuki 1, T. Takahata1, N. Egami 1, K. Ogusu 2, A. Kobayashi 2, T. Hirai 2, T. Kawai 2
1NHK Science & Technical Research Laboratories
2Hamamatsu Photonics, K.K. (216)
11:15 Correction of Radiation Damage in the Chandra X-ray CCDs
G. Prigozhin, M. Bautz, S. Kissel, B. LaMarr, G. Ricker
Center for Space Research, MIT. (220)
11:30 An Ultra-High-Speed Camera with an In-situ Storage Image Sensor
D. Poggemann 1, T.G. Etoh 1, A. Ruckelshausen 1, G. Kreider 2, A. Theuwissen 2, Y. Kondo 3, H. Maruno 3, K. Takubo 3, and H. Soya 3
1Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, University of Applied Sciences Osnabrueck, 2Philips Semiconductors, 3Shimadzu Corporation. (224)
11:45 High Burst Rate CCD Capable of Imaging at > 1 Million Frames Per Second
P. Swain, R. Kabra, V. Patel, M. Bhaskaran, J. Andrews, P. Levine, J. Tower
Sarnoff Corporation. (228)
12:00 Concluding Remarks
Eric Fossum
12:15 Adjourn