2005 IEEE Workshop on Charge-Coupled Devices and
Advanced Image Sensors

Karuizawa Prince Hotel
Karuizawa, Nagano, Japan

June 9-11, 2005


Thursday June 9, 2005

8:30-8:45 Opening Remarks N. Teranishi

Session 01

Small Pixel Sensors(1)

Chairman S.G. Wuu(TSMC)

08:45 Optimization of Cu Interconnect Layers for 2.7 µm Pixel Image Sensor Technology : Fabrication, Modeling, and Optical Results
J. Adkisson, J. Gambino, T. Hoague, M. Jaffe, J. Kyan*, R. Leidy*, D. McGrath*, R. Rassel, D. Sackett* and C. V. Stancampiano* IBM Corporation, USA *Eastman Kodak Company, USA
09:05 High-Efficiency Dielectric Structure for Advanced CMOS Imagers
T.H. Hsu, Y.K. Fang, S.G. Wuu*, H.C. Chien*, D.N. Yaung*, C.H. Tseng*, J.S. Lin*, L.L. Yao*, W.D. Wang*, C.Y. Yu*, C.H. Lo* and C.S. Wang* National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, R.O.C. *Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Taiwan, R.O.C.
09:30 Shared Pixels for CMOS Image Sensor Arrays
R.D. McGrath, H. Fujita, R.M. Guidash, T.J.Kenney and W. Xu Eastman Kodak Company, USA
09:50 2.8µm-Pixel Image Sensor .Maicovicon™
M. Murakami, M. Masuyama, S. Tanaka, M. Uchida, K. Fujiwara, M. Kojima, Y. Matsunaga and S. Mayumi Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., Japan
10:10-10:40 Coffee Break

Session 02

Noise (1); Circuit Noise

Chairman B. Pain (JPL)

10:40 Accurate Simulation and Modeling of Reset Noise in 3T CMOS Active Pixels
T. Lulé, R. Henderson*, L. Simony, F. Mütze, S. Benthien and M. Sommer ST Microelectronics, France *University of Edinburgh, UK.
11:00 Analysis of Reset Noise Suppression via Stochastic Differential Equations
B. Fowler, M. D. Godfrey* and S. Mim Fairchild Imaging, USA *Stanford University, USA.
11:20 Pixel-Pixel Fixed Pattern Noise in CMOS Image Sensors due to Readout Parasitic Capacitance
R.K. Henderson, J.E.D. Hurwitz*, L.A. Grant*, K.M. Findlater* and T. Lule** University of Edinburgh, UK *ST Microelectronics, UK **ST Microelectronics, France.
11:40 A Low-Noise Signal Readout Circuit Using Double-Stage Noise Cancelling Architecture for CMOS Image Sensors
N. Kawai and S. Kawahito Shizuoka University, Japan. (Revised)
12:00 CMOS-APS Sensor with TDI for High Resolution Planetary Remote Sensing
H. Michaelis, R. Jaumann, S. Mottola, J. Oberst, R. Kramm*, R. Roll*, H. Boehnhardt*, H. Michalik** and G. Neukum*** Deutsche Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR), Germany *Max-Planck-Institut für Sonnensystemforschung (MPS), Germany **Institut für Datentechnik und Kommunikationsnetze (IDA), Germany ***Freie Universität Berlin (FUB), Germany.
12:20-14:00 Lunch

Session 03

Scientific Sensors, High-Sensitivity Sensors

Chairman K. Tanioka (NHK)

14:00 A Back-illuminated Megapixel CMOS Image Sensor
B. Pain, T. Cunningham, S. Nikzad, M. Hoenk, T. Jones, B. Hancock and C. Wrigley Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, USA.
14:20 High-end CMOS Active Pixel Sensor for Hyperspectral Imaging
J. Bogaerts, B. Dierickx, P. De Moor*, D.S. Tezcan*, K. De Munck* and C. Van Hoof* Cypress / FillFactory, Belgium *IMEC, Belgium.
14:40 CMOS Sensors for High Energy Physics
P.P. Allport*, G. Casse*, A. Evans*, L. Jones, R.Turchetta, M.Tyndel, J.J. Velthuis*, G. Villani and F. Zakopoulos Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK *University of Liverpool, UK.
15:00 CMOS Image Sensor Overlaid with an Organic Photoconductive Film
T. Watabe, S. Aihara, N. Egami, M. Kubota, K. Tanioka, N. Kamata* and D. Terunuma* NHK Science and Technical Research Laboratories, Japan *Department of Functional Materials Science, Saitama University, Japan.
15:20 Highly Sensitive Magnetic Focus FEA Image Sensor with HARP Target
Y. Hirano, M. Nanba, Y. Honda, K. Miyakawa, T. Watabe, S. Okazaki, N. Egami, Y. Obara*, M. Tanaka*, S. Itoh* and A. Kobayashi** NHK Science & Technical Research Labs, Japan *Futaba Co., Japan **Hamamatsu Photonics K.K., Japan.
15:40-16:10 Coffee Break

Session 04

Short Oral Presentations for Posters

Chairman K. Orihara (Matsushita), B. Dierickx (Cypress/FillFactory)

16:10 Mobile Imaging Sensor Assessment – a Customer’s Point of View
J. Alakarhu, E. Salmelin and J. Viinikanoja Nokia, Finland.
16:14 Estimates for Scaling of Pinned Photodiodes
A. Krymski and K. Feklistov* Alexima, USA *Inst. Semiconductor Physics, Russia.
16:18 High Speed 3-D Wave Optical Simulation for Image Sensors
H. Mutoh Link Research Corporation, Japan.
16:22 The Effect of Switched Biasing on 1/f Noise in CMOS Imager Front-Ends
M.F. Snoeij, A.P. van der Wel*, A.J.P. Theuwissen and J.H. Huijsing Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands *University of Twente, The Netherlands.
16:26 1/f Noise Measurement in CMOS Image Sensors
S. Mims, B. Fowler and B. Frymire* Fairchild Imaging, USA *Flextronics, USA.
16:30 APS Column Fixed Pattern Noise Reduction
T. Anaxagoras, S. Triger, N.M. Allinson and R. Turchetta* University of Sheffield, UK *Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, CCLRC, UK.
16:34 Simplified Fixed Pattern Noise Correction for Logarithmic Sensors
S.O. Otim, B. Choubey, D. Joseph and S. Collins, Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford, UK.
16:38 Influence of f-number on Colour Matrix Behaviour
R. L. Nicol, K. M. Findlater, E. Findlay, L.A. Grant, J.E.D. Hurwitz, A.A. Murray and S.G. Smith, ST Microelectronics, UK.
16:42 CMOS Pixels Crosstalk mapping and Modulation Transfer Function
M.Estribeau and P.Magnan, SUPAERO – CIMI Laboratory, France.
16:46 Intra-pixel CMOS APS MTF
I. Shcherback, B. Likhterov, A. Belenky and O.Y. Pecht*, Ben-Gurion University, Israel, *University of Calgary, Canada.
16:50 Fabrication of Avalanche Multiplication Type a-Si:H Photodiode Films with Low Operation Voltage
M. Akiyama, K. Futatsuki, T. Miyazawa, J.Yamauchi and K Sawada*, Nagano National College of Technology, Japan *Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan.
16:54 Super High-Sensitivity HARP Target
T. Matsubara, Y. Ohkawa, K. Miyakawa, S. Suzuki, T. Takahata, M. Kubota, K. Tanioka, K. Ogusu*, A. Kobayashi*, T. Hirai* and T. Kawai*, NHK Science and Technical Research Laboratories, Japan *Hamamatsu Photonics K.K., Japan.
16:58 Fabrication and Initial Results for a Back-illuminated Monolithic APS in a Mixed SOI/Bulk CMOS Technology
B. Pain, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, USA.
17:02 SOI CMOS Image Sensor with Pinned Photodiode on Handle Wafer
Y.S. Cho, H. Takao*, K. Sawada*, M. Ishida* and S.Y. Choi, Kyungpook National University, Korea *Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan.
17:06 Design of a 148,680-pixel Ultrahigh-speed, High-sensitivity CCD
H.Ohtake, T.Hayashida, K.Kitamura, T.Arai, J.Yonai, H.Maruyama, K.Tanioka, T.G. Etoh*, D. Poggemann**, A. Ruckelshausen**, H. van Kuijk*** and Jan T. Bosiers***, NHK Science & Technical Research Laboratories, Japan, *Kinki University, Japan, **Fachhochschule Osnabruck, Germany, ***DALSA Inc., The Netherlands.
17:10 Design of the PC-ISIS: Photon-Counting In-situ Storage Image Sensor
T.G. Etoh , N. Ohtsuka, T. Arai*, H. Mutoh**, D. Poggemann*** and A. Ruckelshausen***, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Kinki University, Japan, *NHK Science and Technical Research Laboratories, Japan, **Link Research Corporation, Japan, ***Fachhochschule Osnaburueck, Germany.
17:14 Stitched mk x 96 7µm Pixel TDI Sensor
L. Wu, N. O, C. Draijer*, J. Bosiers*, H. van Kuijk* and H. Stoldt*, DALSA Corporation, Canada, *DALSA Corporation, The Netherlands.
17:18 Instantaneous Automatic Light Control for CMOS Imagers
A. Olsen, J. Moholt, E. Olsen, S. Iversen, G. Mikes and M. Hartmann, Micron Europe Ltd., Norway.
17:22 Analog and 15-b digital Output Image Sensor for Wide Dynamic Range
T. Ogi, F. Suzuki, K. Fujita and T. Hamamoto, Tokyo University of Science, Japan.
17:26 Pulse Modulation Image Sensors for in vitro and in vivo on-chip Brain Imaging
T. Tokuda, D.C. Ng, A. Yamamoto, K. Tanaka, M. Matsuo, K. Kagawa, M. Nunoshita and J. Ohta, Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan.
17:30 Vision Chip Architecture for Saccade Tracking
J. Akita, H. Takagi, T. Nagasaki*, M. Toda*, T. Kawashima* and A. Kitagawa, Kanazawa University, Japan, *Future University-Hakodate, Japan.HVS Low Perception of FPN Noise in Pyramidal CMOS Imager
F. Saffih and R. Hornsey*, University of Waterloo, Canada, *York University, Canada.
17:34-18:00 Break


Session 05. Poster Viewing and Reception

Friday June 10, 2005

Session 06

Noise (2); Process Related Noise

Chairman E. Roks (DALSA)

08:30 Dark Current Reduction in FF-CCDs
I.M. Peters, A. Kleimann, W. Klaassens, F. Polderdijk and J.T. Bosiers, DALSA Professional Imaging, The Netherlands.
08:50 Excess Noise and Dark Current Mechanisms in CMOS Imagers
B. Pain, T. Cunningham, B. Hancock, C. Wrigley and C. Sun, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, US.
09:10 Characterization and Improvement of Random Noise in 1/3.2” UXGA CMOS Image Sensor with 2.8um Pixel using 0.13um-Technology
J.Y. Kim, S.I. Hwang, J.J. Lee, J.H. Ko, Y. Kim, J.C. Ahn, T. Asaba and Y.H. Lee, Samsung Electronics Co., Korea.
09:35 The Tolerance for FD Dark Current and PD Overflow Current Characteristics of Wide Dynamic Range CMOS Image Sensor Using a Lateral Overflow Integration Capacitor
S. Adachi, S. Sugawa*, N. Akahane*, K. Mori, T. Ishiuchi and K. Mizobuchi, Texas Instruments Japan, Japan *Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University, Japan.
09:55-10:25 Coffee Break

Session 07

Silicon Retina, Computational Sensors, ADC

Chairman A. Theuwissen (DALSA)

10:25 64×64 Event-Driven Logarithmic Temporal Derivative Silicon Retina
P. Lichtsteiner and T. Delbruck, ETH / UNI Zurich, Switzerland.
10:45 Ultra High Light Shutter Rejection Ratio Snapshot Pixel Image Sensor ASIC for Pattern Recognition
G. Yang and T. Dosluoglu, Dialog Semiconductor Inc., USA.
11:05 A CMOS Image Sensor for ID Detection with High-speed Readout of Multiple Region-of-interests
K. Yamamoto, Y. Maeda*, Y. Masaki**, K. Kagawa, M. Nunoshita and J. Ohta, Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan, *Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), Japan **FUNAI Electric Co., Ltd., Japan.
11:25 A Low-Power Column-Parallel 12-bit ADC for CMOS Imagers
M.F. Snoeij, A.J.P. Theuwissen and J.H. Huijsing, Delft University of Technology, The Netherland.
11:45 12-Bit Column-Parallel ADC with Accelerated Ramp
T. Otaka, Y. Lee*, T. Bales*, P. Smith**, J. MacDowell**, S. Smith** and I. Takayanagi, Japan Imaging Design Center, Micron Japan, Ltd., Japan, *UK Imaging Design Center, Micron Europe, Ltd., UK, **Micron Technology, Inc., US.
12:05-13:30 Lunch

Session 08

HDTV, High-Speed Sensors, Range Imaging

Chairman J. Hurwitz (ST Microelectronics)

13:30 Development of 2/3-type 1-Mega Pixel Progressive Scan CCD for HDTV Capable of High Frame Rate of 96fps
T. Honda, H.i Yamamoto, H. Okamoto and R. Nagayoshi, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., Japan.
13:50 Scalable Architecture for High-Resolution Video-Rate CMOS Imaging System on Chip
A. Joshi, D. Chiaverini, K. Jung, V. Douence, G. Wijeratne, G. M. Williams and M. Loose, Rockwell Scientific, USA.
14:10 A 4M Pixel CMOS Image Sensor for High Speed Image Capture
P. Donegan, E. Fox, B. Li, M. Sonder, F. Feng, M. Kiik and S. Xie, DALSA Corporation, Canada.
14:30 12k 5µm Linescan CCD Sensor with 320 MHz Data Rate
B. Benwell, N. O, G. Allan, J. Huras and M. Ledgerwood, DALSA Corporation, Canada.
14:50 Smart Pixels for Future 3D-TOF Sensors
M. Lehmann, T. Oggier, B. Büttgen, Chr. Gimkiewicz, M. Schweizer, R. Kaufmann, F. Lustenberger and N. Blanc, CSEM, Switzerlan.
15:10-15:45 Coffee Break

Session 09

Small Pixel Sensors(2)

Chairman D. McGrath (Kodak)

15:45 The Design and Characterization of CMOS Image Sensor with Active Pixel Array of 2.0µm Pitch and Beyond
H. Noh, K. Lee, D. Lee and K. Kim, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Korea.
16:05 On the Effective Optical Fill Factor of Fine Pitch Metals
A. Martensson*, B. Dierickx and G. Meynants Cypress / FillFactory, Belgium, *Lund Institute of Technology, Lund University, Sweden.
16:25 Optical-Electrical Characteristics of Small, Sub-4µm and Sub-3µm Pixels for Modern CMOS Image Sensors
G. Agranov, T. Gilton, R. Mauritzson, U. Boettiger, P. Altice, J. Shah, J. Ladd, X. Fan, F. Brady, J. McKee, C. Hong, X. Li and I. Patrick, Micron Technology, Inc., USA.
16:45 A 2.20-um Square Pixel IT-CCD Constructed from Single-Layer Electrode
N. Karasawa, D. Sugimoto, H. Ohki, K. Hatano* and H. Yoshida** Sony Corporation, Japan, *Sony Semiconductor Kyusyu Corporation, Japan, **Sony LSI Design Inc., Japan.
17:05-17:40 Break

Session 10

Discussion Session

Chairman J. Hynecek (iSETEX), J. Nakamura (Micron Japan)

17:40 What To Do With Sub-Diffraction-Limit (SDL) Pixels? — A Proposal for a Gigapixel Digital Film Sensor (DFS)
E.R. Fossum, Siimpel Corporation, USA University of Southern California, USA.
18:50 Panel discussion, Open discussion
18:50-19:00 Break

Session 11

Walter Kosonocky Award Presentation, Dinner

Chairman N. Teranishi (Matsushita)

Saturday June 11, 2005

Session 12

WDR, Automotive, Range-Imaging, Image Compression

Chairman N. Blanc (CSEM)

08:30 A Wide Dynamic Range CMOS Image Sensor with Multiple Exposure Time Signals and Column-Parallel Cyclic A/D Converters
M. Sasaki, M. Mase*, S. Kawahito* and Y. Wakamori**, Sendai National College of Technology, Japan *Research Institute of Electronics, Shizuoka University, Japan **Yamaha Corporation, Japan.
08:50 A Wide-VGA CMOS Image Sensor with Global Shutter and Extended Dynamic Range
N. Bock, A. Krymski, A. Sarwari, M. Sutanu, N. Tu, K. Hunt, M. Cleary, N. Khaliullin and M. Brading Micron Imaging, Micron Technology, Inc., USA.
09:10 A Low-Voltage Pulse-Width-Modulation Image Sensor
M. Shouho, K. Hashiguchi, K. Kagawa* and J. Ohta* Sharp Corp., Japan, *Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan.
09:30 A 50×30-pixel CMOS Sensor for TOF-based Real Time 3D Imaging
D. Stoppa, L. Viarani, A. Simoni, L. Gonzo, M. Malfatti and G. Pedretti, Istituto per la Ricerca Scientifica e Tecnologica (ITC-irst), Italy.
9:50 A Compact Snap-Shot Range-Imaging Receiver
B. Pain, L. Matthies, B. Hancock and C. Sun, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, USA.
10:10 Image Compression Sensor Using Inter-Frame and Intra-Frame Correlation
K. Imai, H. Taruki, T. Hamamoto and H. Ohtake*, Tokyo University of Science, Japan *NHK Science & Technical Research Laboratories, Japan.
10:30-11:00 Coffee Break

Session 13

Large Format Sensors

Chairman E. Fossum (Siimpel)

11:00 A Historical Perspective, Design, Fabrication, and Performance of the CASSINI Huygen’s Probe DISR CCD Imager
R.A Bredthauer, H.U. Keller* and J.R. Kramm*, Semiconductor Technology Associates, Inc., USA, *Max-Planck-Institut für Sonnensystemforschung (MPS), German.
11:20 A 9 Megapixel APS-size CMOS Image Sensor for Digital Still Photography
G. Meynants, B. Dupont, N. Witvrouwen, B. Wolfs, G. Schippers, K. Maher, B. Dierickx, B. Lee, D. Arnzen and S. Lee, Cypress / FillFactory, Belgium.
11:40 8.3 Mp, 4/3″ Full-Frame CCD with Scaled LOD and Micro Optics
E.G. Stevens, E.K. Banghart, H.Q. Doan, E.J. Meisenzahl, H. Murata*, D.N. Nichols and J.P. Shepherd, Eastman Kodak Company, USA *Kodak Japan Ltd., Japan.
12:00 Third Generation Large Area Professional DSC CCD Process and Design Technology
C. Draijer, W. Klaassens, H.L. Peek, H. Stoldt, B.G.M. Dillen and J.T. Bosiers, DALSA Professional Imaging (DPI), The Netherland.
12:20-12:30 Closing Remarks